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those of people and the organizations employing them

Prepared For Challenge™


There are no challenges quite like those facing managers in federal, state and local government. Whether an appointed

or elected official, career professional, or mid-level manager, the issues of limited funding, growing public demand,

aging infrastructure, and competing interests have combined to create enormously complex management issues.

More critically, these ‘converging variables’ will require very difficult choices for many years to come.

Our founder, Dr. John Luthy, has provided seminars to thousands of government leaders and published specialized guides

and several landmark articles.



Over the three decades it has served private business The Futures Corporation has helped hundreds of organizations in

40 different industries become more efficient, competitive, productive and profitable. Our focus is twofold.

We want our clients to be clear about their own capability and capacity to compete in their markets and to understand,

through our Business Diagnostic and Organization Mapping processes, the most direct path to success.

Secondly, we are concerned about the Future and want every client to fully understand the converging

variables that will potentially impact their customers, business, markets, and industry.


Prepared For Challenge™!

Our founder, John Luthy, is the author of the acclaimed Prepared For Challenge™ Organization Development Series,

which has helped guide many businesses to higher levels of efficiency and performance.

His feature article and subsequent reprint, Seven Dimensions of Employee Improvement and Development,

has been reprinted in several countries and has changed the way many organizations

view employee productivity, efficiency, and performance.


Clients In Over 40

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