Center For Business Success

Co-founded by The Futures Corporation, the Center for Business Success(CBS) is a strategic alliance created by some of the most experienced and successful business professionals in the nation. It is a very quiet but potent group whose focus is on helping business owners and senior managers assess business intent then analyze key success factors, such as structure, operations, legal framework, financial planning and management, market viability, and overall capability and capacity to perform. Based on need and circumstance, Center professionals will assist with strategic planning, business growth strategies, building operating efficiency, management and employee development, and establishing financial policy, procedure and structure.

Very simply, the Center exists to help businesses succeed in challenging times. Principals and affiliates are deployed only when required and with the intent to teach and implement the elements of success. The fundamental questions driving all assistance are,

“Is your organization fully prepared for the challenges of the future?

How do you know?

And, do you have a sensible plan that will achieve your vision?”

Center activities are typically scheduled through an established referral source and assistance depends on an organization’s circumstances, management’s commitment to long-term success and the willingness to undertake prudent actions.

Above all, Center founders are capable of brining enormous resources to bear on significant opportunities, issues and challenges but only on the condition that the collaboration is built on a foundation of participation, communication, foresight and trust.

Typical services include:

Buying, selling or re-configuring businesses


Strategic business planning and growth strategies


Workforce planning & productivity studies


Organization analysis, design and development


Employee development and training


Market positioning and sales strategies


Business & financial diagnostics


Business succession & transition planning

Mergers and acquisitions


Corporate legal services


Partnerships, joint ventures & alliances


Real estate financing & transactions


Estate planning & wealth preservation


Federal and state tax planning


Business plan development & start-ups


Assistance for challenged businesses