Prepared For Challenge™


Over the years, The Futures Corporation has developed a variety of training and development programs as part of its well-known Prepared For Challenge Series. The programs listed below are a representative sample. Most can be customized into short or longer courses or combined to cover more subject matter. All courses are developed, and tailored to organization and employee needs or work schedules. Training of trainers is also available and is always suggested as the best way of creating an internal employee development program.

Listed courses and topics are only some of many that are available. Specialty courses are also offered and can be presented upon short notice or offered as part of a regularly scheduled general training curriculum (recommended).



  • Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal & Group Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Meeting Skills
  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Project & Work Task Management
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning



  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Turbo-Charging Your Sales and Marketing Program
  • Basic Supervision
  • Extraordinary Customer Service
  • Interviewing & Hiring Skills
  • The Art of Employee Development
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Performance appraisals – When To Do Them & How To Do Them Effectively
  • The Art of Mentoring & Coaching
  • Progressive Discipline – When, What, Why & How
  • New Employee Orientation – How To Successfully Introduce and Retain New Employees
  • Succession and workforce planning – ThePrepared for Challenge™ system

Prepared for Challenge™ Business Development Series

The Prepared for Challenge Business Development Series has been created over the past 22 years to lead businesses from startup to mature growth and long-term viability. Offered in phases or as focused projects, the Prepared for Challengesystem has been outlined in a series of workbooks to help guide this very dynamic process.

Sample titles:

  • Buying or Building…What to Consider When Establishing Your Own Firm
  • Planned Strategic Growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expanding Your Customer Base
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Laying a Foundation for Customer Service Excellence
  • Putting the Pieces Together Building a Complete Enterprise

Are you Prepared For Challenge™?

If you are concerned about your ability to compete in the future and want to be prepared for the challenges ahead, we encourage you to focus on growth strategies, organization design and employee development.

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